Pomp 🌪APompliano

Things we need to understand better: 1. Human brain 2. Ocean 3. Solar system 4. Battery storage 5. AI ethics 6. Di… https://t.co/nFVowpQVe6


Isabelle LaPeruta, a 7-year-old from Old Bridge, New Jersey, called 911 in a panic after she accidentally touched her Elf on the Shelf.

Vince Cablevincecable

Good morning Dublin. First job of the day is to speak on @morningireland. I will be on after 7.45am. I want to let… https://t.co/1tBuewTGda


So i applied for partnership on december 4th and im still waiting for a response. Ive only applied one other time a… https://t.co/fJbMY9SX80

LOOOOOOOL XXXtentacion has been jailed after being charged with 7 new felony’s, what a fantastic end to 2017 i am so happy

XXXTENTACION Sent To Jail After Being Hit With 7 New Felonies

Gavinnnnn KearnzeeeyGavinKearney15

Work must think there hilarious putting me working at 7:30 the morning after 12 pubs


I love The Last Jedi even more after seeing it a second time.


Come in today after 3:00 p.m. and get $7 admission to The CBE! Open ‘til 7:00 p.m. for the D1 Women’s Volleyball Ch… https://t.co/g0GeksLtP4

♫ My Top 5 #lastfm artists: After 7 (2), Gorillaz (2), Rogue Wave (2), The Flaming Lips (2) & 6LACK (1) via @tweeklyfm #music


How the fuck do these grown ass people get catfished? Can y’all not tell if something is off? And what baffles me i… https://t.co/RDIHMPCQJB

Someone that started watching Star Wars from Episode I 😂, We that started from Episode IV then. I begged my mum for… https://t.co/x1a2RpP5gD


If I don't secure this highlighter after having a 3.7 GPA, I will be upset @jackieaina


6 months after getting this iPhone 7 I no longer have to make the choice between charging my phone and using headphones. God bless Bluetooth

Alicia ✊🌹aliciaaaaah

7 years ago my boss fired me for lack of experience 3 days after promising me a promotion and a raise.

Tea And TDsTeaAndTDs

Indy lost last night after going into the 2nd half 10 - 7. Denver spotted them a field goal then shut them out the rest of the way

Alex KidwellKidwellAlex

After seeing the #LastJedi I can rank all 9 theatrically released Star Wars movies. 9. The Phantom menace 8. Attack… https://t.co/M8Fd2hXQPu

HOW TO PLAY LUCIO LIKE PSYXI 1.) Crossfade 17 times a second 2.) Slam the spacebar until your fingys break 3.)… https://t.co/vFXMk9FmRC

Zach AL-Chokhachizachactdirect

After seeing #TheLastJedi here is my ranking of @starwars movies: 1. ROTJ 2. Empire 3. ROTS 4. Force Awakens 5. Las… https://t.co/XYnV4d6IG6

I didn’t know let it burn by jasmine Sullivan was sampled by ready or not by after 7 😱

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